Content Management Systems (CMS)


Content Management Systems (CMS) can Be used to alter your own sites content.


You can do this in many ways we use In Browser Editing allowing you to alter your own content from anywhere on the web.


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In-browser editing CMS with jpeps


If you talk to any website owner, they'll tell you that launching their site was only the first step to creating an online presence. Maintaining a site with fresh content is the key to remaining relevant on the web. This is typically accomplished in one of two ways: Site owners try to change the code themselves (with varying degrees of success), or they pay a web producer to do it. jpeps offers a third option: We set up the site so that the site owner can make the changes without touching a single line of code.


In the following lines, you'll learn about In-Browser Editing CMS, a featurethat allow you the client to make changes to pages without writing HTML or installing web design software. You'll see how to use In-Browser Editing and learn how site content can be edited without web design expertise. You need a browser and an Internet connection.


Type the email address and password in the login screen and click Login (see Figure 6).


Figure 6. Use your account information to log in.












Click Edit at the top of the site to load the Home page


Click Edit to begin making updates.




Note: The sample site contains both a desktop and a phone layout. You use the Devices menu to choose the layout you want to edit. For this example, edit the Desktop layout.


You're now logged in and ready to make changes to the live site.


Editing text content with In-Browser Editing

You'll begin by editing the mailing address located near the bottom of the left sidebar. Follow these steps:


To edit text, hover over a text frame to bring up a blue overlay with an Edit button. Click Edit.









Hover your cursor over the text frame and click Edit.

The non-styled text content appears in the Edit Content window.


Select the text you want to remove and press the Delete or Backspace key on your keyboard to delete it. Click in the window and type to add more text

















Update the text content to change the address information.

When you're finished, click Update to close the Edit Content window.

Note: In Step 2, you added text to a master page, so the changes you make are shared across all instances on the site. If you change your mind, click Cancel to close the Edit Content window without making any changes.


Once you click Update and close the Edit Content window, you'll see an accurate preview of the styled text, as it will appear to visitors if you publish the page.


Editing placed image content with In-Browser Editing

While images set as background images can't be edited using In-Browser Editing, you can edit images that are placed or pasted into pages. In this section, you'll edit the image wrapped inside a text frame on the Home page.


Hover over the Empire State building image, and when the Edit button appears, click it. In the Edit Content window, click the image to change it. Select From My Computer, click Browse To Upload, and navigate to the sample files folder to select the file empire2.jpg





















Choose a file from your computer to swap out for the placed image file.

Click Open to select the new image, type the image tooltip text, and click Update twice to close the two dialog boxes.

When you replace an image, the new image is clipped to fit if it has a different aspect ratio. For best results, swap images with the same dimensions.


If you want to apply the recent changes that you've made to the site, click Publish at the bottom of the browser window before completing the next section. If you navigate away from a page with unsaved revisions, an alert message warns that your changes will be discarded.


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